Polarization dependent femtosecond laser modification of MBE-grown III-V nanostructures on silicon

Preprint English OPEN
Zandbergen, Sander R. ; Gibson, Ricky ; Amirsolaimani, Babak ; Mehravar, Soroush ; Keiffer, Patrick ; Azarm, Ali ; Kieu, Khanh (2017)

We report a novel, polarization dependent, femtosecond laser-induced modification of surface nanostructures of indium, gallium, and arsenic grown on silicon via molecular beam epitaxy, yielding shape control from linear and circular polarization of laser excitation. Linear polarization causes an elongation effect, beyond the dimensions of the unexposed nanostructures, ranging from 88 nm to over 1 um, and circular polarization causes the nanostructures to flatten out or form loops of material, to diameters of approximately 195 nm. During excitation, it is also observed that the generated second and third harmonic signals from the substrate and surface nanostructures increase with exposure time.
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