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On loop extensions and cohomology of loops

Rolando Jimenez; Quitzeh Morales Meléndez;
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  • Published: 07 Oct 2016
In this paper are defined cohomology-like groups that classify loop extensions satisfying a given identity in three variables for association identities, and in two variables for the case of commutativity. It is considered a large amount of identities. This groups generalize those defined in works of Nishigori [2] and of Jhonson and Leedham-Green [4]. It is computed the number of metacyclic extensions for trivial action of the quotient on the kernel in one particular case for left Bol loops and in general for commutative loops.
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free text keywords: Mathematics - K-Theory and Homology, Mathematics - Rings and Algebras, Algebra and Number Theory, Mathematics, Correlation and dependence, Kernel (linear algebra), Commutative property, Quotient, Cohomology, Algebra

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