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Weaving Hilbert space fusion frames

Neyshaburi, Fahimeh Arabyani; Arefijamaal, Ali Akbar;
Open Access English
  • Published: 09 Feb 2018
A new notion in frame theory, so called weaving frames has been recently introduced to deal with some problems in signal processing and wireless sensor networks. Also, fusion frames are an important extension of frames, used in many areas especially for wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we survey the notion of weaving Hilbert space fusion frames. This concept can be had potential applications in wireless sensor networks which require distributed processing using different fusion frames. Indeed, we present several approaches for identifying and constructing of weaving fusion frames in terms of local frames, bounded operators in Hilbert spaces and also dual...
arXiv: Physics::Plasma Physics
ACM Computing Classification System: ComputingMethodologies_IMAGEPROCESSINGANDCOMPUTERVISION
free text keywords: Mathematics - Functional Analysis
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20 references, page 1 of 2
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