Decentralized Caching for Content Delivery Based on Blockchain: A Game Theoretic Perspective

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Wang, Wenbo ; Niyato, Dusit ; Wang, Ping ; Leshem, Amir (2018)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture

Blockchains enables tamper-proof, ordered logging for transactional data in a decentralized manner over open-access, overlay peer-to-peer networks. In this paper, we propose a decentralized framework of proactive caching in a hierarchical wireless network based on blockchains. We employ the blockchain-based smart contracts to construct an autonomous content caching market. In the market, the cache helpers are able to autonomously adapt their caching strategies according to the market statistics obtained from the blockchain, and the truthfulness of trustless nodes are financially enforced by smart contract terms. Further, we propose an incentive-compatible consensus mechanism based on proof-of-stake to financially encourage the cache helpers to stay active in service. We model the interaction between the cache helpers and the content providers as a Chinese restaurant game. Based on the theoretical analysis regarding the Nash equilibrium of the game, we propose a decentralized strategy-searching algorithm using sequential best response. The simulation results demonstrate both the efficiency and reliability of the proposed equilibrium searching algorithm.
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