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Multiferroic BiFeO3-BiMnO3 Nanocheckerboard From First Principles

Palova, L.; Chandra, P.; Rabe, K. M.;
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  • Published: 23 Jun 2010
We present a first principles study of an unusual heterostructure, an atomic-scale checkerboard of BiFeO3-BiMnO3, and compare its properties to the two bulk constituent materials, BiFeO3 and BiMnO3. The "nanocheckerboard" is found to have a multiferroic ground state with the desired properties of each constituent: polar and ferrimagnetic due to BiFeO3 and BiMnO3, respectively. The effect of B-site cation ordering on magnetic ordering in the BiFeO3-BiMnO3 system is studied. The checkerboard geometry is seen to give rise to a a novel magnetostructural effect that is neither present in the bulk constituent materials, nor in the layered BiFeO3-BiMnO3 superlattice.
free text keywords: Condensed Matter - Materials Science
Funded by
NSF| MRSEC: Center for Nanoscale Science
  • Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Project Code: 0820404
  • Funding stream: Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences | Division of Materials Research
NSF| NIRT: Design and Realization of Decoherence-Free Nanoscale Superconducting Qubits
  • Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Project Code: 0608842
  • Funding stream: Directorate for Engineering | Division of Electrical, Communications & Cyber Systems
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