Privacy-preserving smart meter control strategy including energy storage losses

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Avula, Ramana R. ; Oechtering, Tobias J. ; Månsson, Daniel (2018)
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering and Systems Science - Signal Processing

Privacy-preserving smart meter control strategies proposed in the literature so far make some ideal assumptions such as instantaneous control without delay, lossless energy storage systems etc. In this paper, we present a one-step-ahead predictive control strategy using Bayesian risk to measure and control privacy leakage with an energy storage system. The controller estimates energy state using a three-circuit energy storage model to account for steady-state energy losses. With numerical experiments, the controller is evaluated with real household consumption data using a state-of-the-art adversarial algorithm. Results show that the state estimation of the energy storage system significantly affects the controller's performance. The results also show that the privacy leakage can be effectively reduced using an energy storage system but at the expense of energy loss.
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