Approaching the Type-II Dirac Point and Concomitant Superconductivity in Pt-doping Stabilized Metastable 1T-phase IrTe2

Preprint English OPEN
Fei, Fucong; Bo, Xiangyan; Wang, Pengdong; Ying, Jianghua; Chen, Bo; Liu, Qianqian; Zhang, Yong; Sun, Zhe; Qu, Fanming; Zhang, Yi; Li, Jian; Song, Fengqi; Wan, Xiangang; Wang, Baigeng; Wang, Guanghou;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1002/adma.201801556
  • Subject: Condensed Matter - Materials Science | Condensed Matter - Superconductivity
    arxiv: Condensed Matter::Strongly Correlated Electrons

Topological semimetal is a topic of general interest in material science. Recently, a new kind of topological semimetal called type-II Dirac semimetal with tilted Dirac cones is discovered in PtSe2 family. However, the further investigation is hindered due to the huge e... View more
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