Effective surface conductivity of plasmonic metasurfaces: from far-field characterization to surface wave analysis

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Yermakov, Oleh Y.; Permyakov, Dmitry V.; Porubaev, Filipp V.; Dmitriev, Pavel A.; Baranov, Dmitry A.; Samusev, Anton K.; Iorsh, Ivan V.; Malureanu, Radu; Bogdanov, Andrey A.; Lavrinenko, Andrei V.;
  • Subject: Physics - Optics | Physics - Applied Physics
    arxiv: Physics::Optics

Metasurfaces offer great potential to control near- and far-fields through engineering of optical properties of elementary cells or meta-atoms. Such perspective opens a route to efficient manipulation of the optical signals both at nanoscale and in photonics application... View more
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