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3D Printing of Fluid Flow Structures

Taira, Kunihiko; Sun, Yiyang; Canuto, Daniel;
Open Access English
  • Published: 25 Jan 2017
We discuss the use of 3D printing to physically visualize (materialize) fluid flow structures. Such 3D models can serve as a refreshing hands-on means to gain deeper physical insights into the formation of complex coherent structures in fluid flows. In this short paper, we present a general procedure for taking 3D flow field data and producing a file format that can be supplied to a 3D printer, with two examples of 3D printed flow structures. A sample code to perform this process is also provided. 3D printed flow structures can not only deepen our understanding of fluid flows but also allow us to showcase our research findings to be held up-close in educational ...
free text keywords: Physics - Fluid Dynamics
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