Two opposite hysteresis curves in semiconductors with mobile dopants

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Lee, Jae Sung ; Lee, Shin Buhm ; Kahng, Byungnam ; Noh, Tae Won (2012)

Recent experimental researches on semiconductors with mobile dopants (SMD) have reported unconventional hysteretic current-voltage (I-V) curves, which form dynamically in either one of the two opposite directions, the counter-figure-eight and figure-eight ways. However the fundamental theory for the formation of the two directions is still absent, and this poses a major barrier for researches oriented to applications. Here, we introduce a theoretical model to explain the origin of the two directions, and find that the two ways originate from the spatial inhomogeneity of the dopant distribution in SMD. The counter-figure-eight (figure-eight) way of the hysteretic curve is obtained when dopants are driven from far from (near) the Schottky interface to the opposite side in the SMD. This finding indicates that the directions of hysteretic curve in SMD can be controlled.
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