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Field theory of the spinning electron and internal motions

Erasmo Recami; Giovanni Salesi;
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  • Published: 29 Jul 1996
We present here a field theory of the spinning electron, by writing down a new equation for the 4-velocity field v^mu (different from that of Dirac theory), which allows a classically intelligible description of the electron. Moreover, we make explicit the noticeable kinematical properties of such velocity field (which also result different from the ordinary ones). At last, we analyze the internal zitterbewegung (zbw) motions, for both time-like and light-like speeds. We adopt in this paper the ordinary tensorial language. Our starting point is the Barut-Zanghi classical theory for the relativistic electron, which related spin with zbw. This paper is dedicated t...
free text keywords: High Energy Physics - Theory, General Physics and Astronomy, Field theory (psychology), Tensor calculus, Vector field, Dirac (video compression format), Zitterbewegung, Electron, Physics, Space time, Spin-½, Classical mechanics

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