RXTE All-Sky Monitor Localization of SGR 1627-41

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Smith, Donald A. ; Bradt, Hale V. ; Levine, Alan M. (1999)
  • Subject: Astrophysics

The fourth unambiguously identified Soft Gamma Repeater (SGR), SGR1627-41, was discovered with the BATSE instrument on 1998 June 15 (Kouveliotou et al. 1998). Interplanetary Network (IPN) measurements and BATSE data constrained the location of this new SGR to a 6 deg segment of a narrow (19") annulus (Hurley et al. 1999; Woods et al. 1998). We present two bursts from this source observed by the All-Sky Monitor (ASM) on RXTE. We use the ASM data to further constrain the source location to a 5' long segment of the BATSE/IPN error box. The ASM/IPN error box lies within 0.3' of the supernova remnant (SNR) G337.0-0.1. The probability that a SNR would fall so close to the error box purely by chance is ~5%.
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