Information Technology in New Zealand: Review of Emerging Social Trends, Current Issues, and Policies

Preprint English OPEN
Erturk, Emre ; Fail, Derwyn (2015)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computers and Society

This paper discusses the general state of information technology in New Zealand society, current issues, and policies. It is a qualitative study that reviews recent scholarly articles, periodicals, and surveys in order to create an understanding of some of the information technology issues and trends in New Zealand. After reviewing previous research, it assesses the potential existence and nature of a 'digital divide' in New Zealand society whilst also evaluating possible strategic responses to the issue. New Zealand society has rapidly accepted emerging online trends as well as achieving an overall high level of Internet provision nationally. Through government policy and education, this small island nation has remained at the forefront of information technology and can be considered somewhat of an e-democracy. However, despite these positives, there is a risk of low-income communities being left behind as New Zealand society becomes increasingly dependent on IT in the workplace and in governmental administration.
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