The electromagnetic gauge invariance in $SU(3)_L\otimes U(1)_N$ models of electroweak unification reexamined

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Pleitez, V.; Tonasse, M. D.;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/S0370-2693(98)00511-5
  • Subject: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
    arxiv: High Energy Physics::Theory | High Energy Physics::Phenomenology | High Energy Physics::Lattice

Two models with $SU(3)_C\otimes SU(3)_L\otimes U(1)_N$ gauge symmetry are considered. We show that the masslessness of the photon does not prevent the neutrinos from acquiring Majorana masses. That is, there is no relation between the VEVs of Higgs fields and the electr... View more
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