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Group-Server Queues

Quan-Lin Li; Jing-Yu Ma; Mingzhou Xie; Li Xia;
Open Access
  • Published: 11 Jun 2017
  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing
By analyzing energy-efficient management of data centers, this paper proposes and develops a class of interesting {\it Group-Server Queues}, and establishes two representative group-server queues through loss networks and impatient customers, respectively. Furthermore, such two group-server queues are given model descriptions and necessary interpretation. Also, simple mathematical discussion is provided, and simulations are made to study the expected queue lengths, the expected sojourn times and the expected virtual service times. In addition, this paper also shows that this class of group-server queues are often encountered in many other practical areas includi...
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free text keywords: Computer Science - Performance, Computer Science - Information Theory, Mathematics - Probability, 60J27, 60H35, 90B18, 90B22, Service system, Scheduling (computing), Server, Telecommunications network, Queueing theory, Queue, Computer network, business.industry, business, Data center, Loss network, Computer science
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