Generalized Robin Boundary Conditions, Robin-to-Dirichlet Maps, and Krein-Type Resolvent Formulas for Schr\"odinger Operators on Bounded Lipschitz Domains

Preprint English OPEN
Gesztesy, Fritz; Mitrea, Marius;
  • Subject: 35P05, 47A10, 47F05 (Secondary) | Mathematics - Spectral Theory | Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs | 35J10, 35J25, 35Q40 (Primary)
    arxiv: Mathematics::Spectral Theory | Mathematics::Analysis of PDEs | Computer Science::Operating Systems

We study generalized Robin boundary conditions, Robin-to-Dirichlet maps, and Krein-type resolvent formulas for Schr\"odinger operators on bounded Lipschitz domains in $\bbR^n$, $n\ge 2$. We also discuss the case of bounded $C^{1,r}$-domains, $(1/2)<r<1$.
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