An Alternate Graphical Representation of Periodic table of Chemical Elements

Preprint English OPEN
Abubakr, Mohd (2009)
  • Subject: Physics - General Physics

Periodic table of chemical elements symbolizes an elegant graphical representation of symmetry at atomic level and provides an overview on arrangement of electrons. It started merely as tabular representation of chemical elements, later got strengthened with quantum mechanical description of atomic structure and recent studies have revealed that periodic table can be formulated using SO(4,2)* SU(2) group. IUPAC, the governing body in Chemistry, doesn't approve any periodic table as a standard periodic table. The only specific recommendation provided by IUPAC is that the periodic table should follow the 1 to 18 group numbering. In this technical paper, we describe a new graphical representation of periodic table, referred as 'Circular form of Periodic table'. The advantages of circular form of periodic table over other representations are discussed along with a brief discussion on history of periodic tables.
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