Searching with Quantum Computers

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Grover, Lov K.;
  • Subject: Quantum Physics
    acm: ComputerSystemsOrganization_MISCELLANEOUS

This article introduces quantum computation by analogy with probabilistic computation. A basic description of the quantum search algorithm is given by representing the algorithm as a C program in a novel way.
  • References (3)

    (i) Quantum computing with molecules, Scientific American, June 1998, pages 140-145, Neil Gershenfeld and Isaac Chuang - basic introduction to quantum computing with focus on implementations.

    (ii) Quantum computing - pro & con, John Preskill,, an inspiring and readable description of the potential and limitations of quantum computers.

    (iv) Quantum information and computation, Charles H. Bennett & David P. DiVincenzo, Nature, Vol. 404, 16 Mar 2000, pages 247-255, a state of the art survey of quantum information.

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