Applying Artificial Intelligence and Internet Techniques in Rural Tourism Domain

Preprint English OPEN
Turcu, Cristina ; Turcu, Cornel (2017)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Multiagent Systems

Society has become more dependent on automated intelligent systems, at the same time, these systems have become more and more complicated. Society's expectation regarding the capabilities and intelligence of such systems has also grown. We have become a more complicated society with more complicated problems. As the expectation of intelligent systems rises, we discover many more applications for artificial intelligence. Additionally, as the difficulty level and computational requirements of such problems rise, there is a need to distribute the problem solving. Although the field of multiagent systems (MAS) and distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) is relatively young, the importance and applicability of this technology for solving today's problems continue to grow. In multiagent systems, the main goal is to provide fruitful cooperation among agents in order to enrich the support given to all user activities. This paper deals with the development of a multiagent system aimed at solving the reservation problems encountered in rural tourism. Due to their benefits over the last few years, online travel agencies have become a very useful instrument in planning vacations. A MAS concept (which is based on the Internet exploitation) can improve this activity and provide clients with a new, rapid and efficient way of making accommodation arrangements.
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