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Jelčić, Sandra (2017)
  • Publisher: University of Dubrovnik
  • Journal: DIEM : Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting, volume 3, issue 1 (issn: 1849-3645, eissn: 1849-5206)
  • Subject: dimensions of service quality; retail; hypermarkets

The purpose of this paper is to determine service quality dimensions as predictors of perceived service quality in retail environment. Recent studies emphasised the multidimensional nature of service quality and multidimensional service quality measurement models. Literature reveals that SERVQUAL (Parasuraman et al. 1988) and RSQS (Dabholkar et al. 1996) are the most common instruments used to measure service quality in retail. Considering different market environments neither SERVQUAL nor RSQS should be solely applied to different service environments and in different cultures assuming that customers behave in the same way. Research should focus on discovering service quality dimensions that are adapted to specific environments and to adapt service quality dimensions to different cultures. Therefore, by using exploratory factor analysis service quality dimensions are determined in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hypermarket stores’ market). Those are: merchandising, physical environment and interaction with employees. Understanding service quality dimension as predictors of total service quality and their successful management is precondition for successful planning and implementation of service marketing activities in hypermarkets.
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