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Šimić, Nataša; Rupić, Lucijana; Gregov, Ljiljana; Nikolić, Matilda;
  • Publisher: Institute of safety research and development
  • Journal: Sigurnost : časopis za sigurnost u radnoj i životnoj okolini,volume 57,issue 4 (issn: 0350-6886, eissn: 1848-6347)
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  • Subject: mobing; suočavanje s mobingom; stres; medicinske sestre; radno iskustvo | Key words: mobbing; strategies for coping with mobbing; stress; nurses; work experience

SUMMARY: Some of the stressors in the work environment of medical nurses which may cause the occurrence of mobbing are: constant care for patients, shift and teamwork, duties that pose risks to the health, etc. As previous research has shown, various forms of mobbing in... View more
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