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Enhanced production of glucose oxidase using Penicillium notatum and rice polish

Sabir, S.; Haq Nawaz Bhatti; Zia, M. A.; Sheikh, M. A.;
  • Published: 01 Jan 2007
Glucose oxidase (GOD) is an important enzyme that finds a wide range of applications in food and pharmaceutical industry. In this investigation the feasibility of using rice polish as a substrate for the production of GOD by Penicillium notatum in submerged fermentation (SmF) has been evaluated. The intention was to enhance total GOD activity by the selection of economical substrate, microorganism and consecutive optimization of various cultural conditions. Maximum GOD activity of (112±5) U/mL was achieved under optimum growth conditions: rice polish 5 g, incubation period 72 h, buffering agent 3 % (by mass per volume), incubation temperature (30±1) °C and pH=6....
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free text keywords: glucose oxidase; Penicillium notatum; submerged fermentation; rice polish; culture conditions, glukoza oksidaza; Penicillium notatum; submerzna fermentacija; otpaci dobiveni poliranjem riže; uvjeti uzgoja, glucose oxidase, Penicillium notatum, submerged fermentation, rice polish, culture conditions, Biotechnology, TP248.13-248.65, Food processing and manufacture, TP368-456
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publication . Article . Other literature type . 2007

Enhanced production of glucose oxidase using Penicillium notatum and rice polish

Sabir, S.; Haq Nawaz Bhatti; Zia, M. A.; Sheikh, M. A.;