THE INCARNATION AND THEOLOGY OF RELIGIONS Critical review to some recent interpretations of the Incarnation

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Bižaca, Nikola;
  • Publisher: Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split
  • Journal: Crkva u svijetu : Crkva u svijetu,volume 43,issue 1 (issn: 0352-4000, eissn: 1848-9656)
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  • Subject: Theology of Religions; Pluralistic Theology of Religions; J. Hick; J. Dupuis; biblical metaphor; kenosis; realism of the Incarnation; Christological universalism | teologija religija; pluralistička teologija religija; J. Hick; J. Dupuis; biblijska metafora; kenoza; realizam utjelovljenja; kristološki univerzalizam

In the actual discussion on Theology of Religions one of the central topics is the understanding of the Incarnation of God’s Word. In the introductory reflections the author raises awareness of the importance of the Incarnation within the Theology of Religio... View more
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