Case Study in Interdisciplinary Scientific Communication: A Decade of the INDECS Journal

Other literature type English OPEN
Stepanić, Josip ; Zoroja, Jovana ; Šimičević, Vanja (2017)
  • Publisher: Society for Advancing Innovation and Research in Economy "Irenet"
  • Journal: Business Systems Research : International journal of the Society for Advancing Innovation and Research in Economy, volume 8, issue 2 (eissn: 1847-9375)
  • Subject: interdisciplinary journal, communication, text mining

Background: Interdisciplinary scientific areas regularly develop unique methodologies, yet utilise the conventional communication modes to disseminate results of their researches. Objectives: This paper analyses whether a novel, interdisciplinary communication mode can be found in a gradually developing interdisciplinary journal. Methods/Approach: The content of the journal was categorised based on the characteristics attributed to the published papers. Statistical tests were performed to check for the overlapping categories. Results: A number of indicators, related to papers or to their authors, are introduced and quantified. Conclusions: Methodology utilised and data collected serve, on the one hand, as a referent set for treating the content of other interdisciplinary or disciplinary scientific journals, and, on the other hand, as a set for comparison and extraction of universalities or specificities of the journals. Fluctuations accompanying a gradual rise of the considered journal content prevent a definite answer to the question whether there are some emerging interdisciplinary communication novelties.
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