The Potential of Fe-exchanged Y Zeolite as a Heterogeneous Fenton-type Catalyst for Oxidative Degradation of Reactive Dye in Water

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Aleksić, M.; Koprivanac, N.; Lončarić Božić, A.; Kušić, H.;
  • Publisher: Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers
  • Journal: Chemical and biochemical engineering quarterly, volume 24, issue 3 (issn: 0352-9568, eissn: 1846-5153)
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  • Subject: Heterogeneous catalysis; Fenton-type process; FeY; zeolites; model wastewater; UV irradiation; degradation mechanisms

The study aimed to investigate the potential of Fe-exchanged zeolites of Y-type as a catalyst in heterogeneous Fenton-type processes for the degradation of model organic pollutant, reactive azo dye C.I. Reactive Blue 137, in water. The research work was directed to inve... View more
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