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Matić, Ninoslav ; Motik, Boris ; Šribar, Julijan ; Bažant, Alen ; Kos, Mladen ; Glavinić, Vlado (1996)
  • Publisher: SRCE - University Computing Centre
  • Journal: Journal of computing and information technology, volume 4, issue 2 (issn: 1330-1136, eissn: 1846-3908)
  • Subject: CIT; book review

The PC System Architecture Series of books from MindShare, one of the leading technical training companies in the hardware industry, includes the following titles: ISA System Architecture, EISA System Architecture, 486 System Architecture, Pentium Processor System Architecture, Plug&Play System Architecture, Power PC System Architecture, PCI System Architecture, PCMCIA SystemArchitecture. Each of them is a powerful reference book for one particular type of chip or hardware, with the characteristic that there is no duplication of common information in each book.
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