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Škvarekova, Erika ; Kozakova, L'ubica (2011)
  • Publisher: Association for Promotion of Holistic Approach to Environment
  • Journal: The holistic approach to environment, volume 1, issue 4 (eissn: 1848-0071)
  • Subject: brown coal quality; sampling; arsenic
    mesheuropmc: respiratory system | complex mixtures | respiratory tract diseases | otorhinolaryngologic diseases | technology, industry, and agriculture

Coal is expected to remain the dominant fuel for electricity generation in the Slovak republic for a considerable time in the future. Mining of lignite and brown coal is necessary for security and stabilizes the electricity systems of this republic through the heat power Nováky (ENO). Coal combustion processes represent a significant potential for contamination of environmental components. The elemental composition of coal from the mine Cígeľ showed that coal contains variable amount of arsenic which was found due to the presence of sulfide minerals containing arsenic in the coal substance. Close monitoring of the coal quality and composition of coal ashes is therefore essential.
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