Profesionalni kontaktni dermatitis kod stomatologa i stomatoloških tehničara

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Lugović-Mihić, Liborija; Ferček, Iva; Duvančić, Tomislav; Bulat, Vedrana; Ježovita, Josip; Novak-Bilić, Gaby; Šitum, Mirna;
  • Publisher: Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research
  • Journal: Acta clinica Croatica,volume 55,issue 2 (issn: 0353-9466, eissn: 1333-9451)
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  • Subject: Dermatitis, kontaktni; Dermatitis, profesionalni; Stomatolozi; Stomatološko pomoćno osoblje; Alergija | Dermatitis, contact; Dermatitis, occupational; Dentists; Dental auxiliaries; Hypersensitivity

Since the working medical personnel including dentists and dental technicians mainly use their hands, it is understandable that the most common occupational disease amongst medical personnel is contact dermatitis (CD) (80%-90% of cases). Development of occupational CD ... View more
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