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Berčić, Boran;
Open Access Croatian
  • Published: 01 Jan 2008 Journal: Filozofska istraživanja, volume 28, issue 2 (issn: 0351-4706, eissn: 1848-2309, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Croatian Philosophical Society
In this article the author examines basic intuitions for and aginst utilitarianism, primarily the problems that utilitarins face within the domain of distributive justice. The clash of intuitions is examined in the idealized situation in which we distribute “mana form haven”, that is, in a situation in which merits, needs, property relationships form the past, etc. are irrelevant by assumpition. (10,10; 10,15; 5,25) Even in a such situation, distribution preffered by utilitarianism seems problematic. Inutitions about equality, priority, absolutely and relatively better position, marginal utility, etc. are strong even in the purely abstract situation. It is inter...
free text keywords: Konzekvencionalizam; utilitarizam; namjere; posljedice; princip najveće sreće; račun sreće; distribucija dobara; egalitarizam; marginalna korisnost; minimum; prioritet, Consequentialism; utilitarianism; intentions; consequences; greatest happiness principle; calculus of happiness; distribution of goods; egalitarianism; marginal utility; minimum; priority

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