Učinkovito upravljanje brzinom induktivnog motora korištenjem metode adaptivnog upravljanja s referentnim modelom zasnovane na RBF-u

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Kilic, Erdal; Ozcalik, Hasan Riza; Yilmaz, Saban;
  • Publisher: KoREMA - Croatian Society for Communications, Computing, Electronics, Measurement and Control
  • Journal: Automatika : časopis za automatiku, mjerenje, elektroniku, računarstvo i komunikacije, volume 57, issue 3 (issn: 0005-1144, eissn: 1848-3380)
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  • Subject: Induction motor; neural network; model reference adaptive control; vector control | Induktivni motor; neuronska mreža; adaptivno upravljanje s referentnim modelom; vektorsko upravljanje

This paper proposes a model reference adaptive speed controller based on artificial neural network for induction motor drives. The performance of traditional feedback controllers has been insufficient in speed control of induction motors due to nonlinear structure of th... View more
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