Liječenje multiple skleroze

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Bošnjak-Pašić, Marija ; Vidrih, Branka ; Miškov, Snježana ; Demarin, Vida (2009)
  • Publisher: Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research
  • Journal: Acta clinica Croatica, volume 48, issue 3 (issn: 0353-9466, eissn: 1333-9451)
  • Subject: Multiple sclerosis - therapy; Immunosuppressive agents - therapeutic use; Interferon, beta - therapeutic use | Multipla skleroza - terapija;Imunosupresivi - terapijska primjena; Interferon, beta - terapijska primjena

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, characterized by multifocal inflammatory destruction of myelin, axonal damage and loss of oligodendrocytes. The disease is carried through two stages: inflammatory and degenerative. The most common form of disease in approximately 85% of the cases is RRMS (relapsing-remitting form). The treatment of MS is divided into: treatment of the acute phase of illness, prevention of new relapses and disease progression, and symptomatic treatment. Most of the changes in treatment of multiple sclerosis and most of the news in recent years concerning new drugs are used in the treatment of progression of the disease and prevention of disease relapses. Some of these drugs are registrated in most European countries and USA, and others are in various stages of research.
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