Utjecaj materijala za pakiranje na kvalitetu Kačkavalja

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Talevski, Goce; Srbinovska, Sonja; Santa, Dushica; Mateva, Natasha;
  • Publisher: Croatian Dairy Union
  • Journal: Mljekarstvo : časopis za unaprjeđenje proizvodnje i prerade mlijeka,volume 67,issue 1 (issn: 0026-704X, eissn: 1846-4025)
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  • Subject: Kashkaval; surface treatment; ripening; packaging materials | Kačkavalj; zaštita kore; zrenje; ambalažni materijali

This study focused on investigating the influence of 4 different packaging materials (A - the control, B - polymer emulsion, C - wax and D - polymer foil) on the quality of Kashkaval cheese. The lowest pH value had the sample protected by wax, which is most probably rel... View more
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