Research of Classical and Intelligent Information System Solutions for Criminal Intelligence Analysis

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Šimović, Vladimir (2001)
  • Publisher: St. George Association
  • Journal: National security and the future, volume 2, issue 3-4. (issn: 1332-4454)

The objective of this study is to present research on classical and intelligent information system solutions used in criminal intelligence analysis in Croatian security system theory. The study analyses objective and classical methods of information science, including artificial intelligence and other scientific methods. The intelligence and classical software solutions researched, proposed, and presented in this study were used in developing the integrated information system for the Croatian Anti-money-laundering Department and the Croatian Criminal police. This software conforms to trends of operational research in criminal intelligence analysis, and is used in similar security information systems as well. The development and implementation of classical and intelligent software applications (and tools) was necessary to deal with criminals, their crimes, and the methods employed to engage in money-laundering. The goal of the research is to address a full range of problem areas and illustrate the potential and benefit of integrating classical and intelligent applications in the selected problem area. The obtained results will be used in further development of intelligent/information system solutions for the process of criminal intelligence analysis.
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