Adolescents’ hope and optimism in relation to parental child-rearing styles

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Raboteg-Šarić, Zora; Merkaš, Marina; Majić, Martina;
  • Publisher: Croatian Pedagogical-Literary Society and Faculty of philosophy studies Split
  • Journal: Napredak : časopis za pedagogijsku teoriju i praksu,volume 152,issue 3-4 (issn: 1330-0059)
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  • Subject: nada; optimizam; roditeljski odgojni stil; adolescencija | hope; optimism; parental child-rearing style; adolescence

The aim of the study was to examine the differences in adolescents’ level of hope and optimism according to their parents’ child-rearing style. The sample included 401 secondary school students from the first to fourth grade. The scales that measure students’ hope, opti... View more
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