Loneliness among adult women: The role of perception of marriage quality and self-silencing

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Lacković-Grgin, Katica; Nekić, Marina; Penezić, Zvjezdan;
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  • Journal: Suvremena psihologija,volume 12,issue 1 (issn: 1331-9264)
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  • Subject: socijalna i emocionalna usamljenost; prisnost; intimni seksualni odnosi; konflikti; zadovoljstvo bračnim odnosom; percepcija pravednosti; samostišavanje | social and emotional loneliness; attachment; sexual intimacy; conflicts; satisfaction with marriage; perception of justice; self-silencing

Empirical studies in different cultures consistently confirm that married persons as well as those in cohabitation are less lonely than single, divorced and widowed persons (de Jong Gierveld, 1987; Joness, Hebb, 2003). Since Weiss in his interactionistic model of lon... View more
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