Querries in Smerovišće (Zagreb County, Croatia) - where Buddleja davidii Franch. went wild

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Boršić, Igor;
  • Publisher: Croatian Botanical Society
  • Journal: Glasnik Hrvatskog botaničkog društva,volume 6,issue 1 (eissn: 1848-8102)
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  • Subject: alien species; Buddleja davidii; Buddlejaceae; naturalization; ornamental plant | Buddleja davidii; Buddlejaceae; naturalizacija; strana vrsta; ukrasna biljka

The Asian species Buddleja davidii Franch. (Buddlejaceae) is a common ornamental plant which escaped from cultivation and is now considered invasive in many European countries. In Croatia it is also grown as ornamental but until now there has been little evidence of its... View more
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