The Influence of Wagon Structure Part Shape Optimization on Ultimate Fatigue Strength

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Milovanović, Vladimir; Živković, Miroslav; Jovičić, Gordana; Živković, Jelena; Kozak, Dražan;
  • Publisher: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
  • Journal: Transactions of FAMENA,volume 39,issue 4 (issn: 1333-1124, eissn: 1849-1391)
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  • Subject: fatigue strength; ε-N method; finite element analysis; shape optimization

This study investigates how shape optimisation affects the ultimate fatigue strength of a mechanical part. The mechanical part chosen for this investigation is an axle guard of running gear elements of the Hccrrs 2x2 axle car-carrying wagon. The static and fatigue stren... View more
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