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Influence of recycled filler on asphalt mix properties

Androjić, Ivica; Kaluđer, Gordana;
Open Access Croatian
  • Published: 01 Jan 2017 Journal: Građevinar, volume 69, issue 3 (issn: 0350-2465, eissn: 1333-9095, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Croatian association of civil engineers
An overview of research conducted so far on the use of various recycled materials as replacement for stone filler in asphalt mixes is presented in the paper. The paper comprises an overview of research on the influence exerted by the waste glass, waste materials from cement industry, concrete, brick, ceramics, fly ash and other materials, on physicomechanical properties of bitumen mixes. As a final result, conclusions are given on the possible use of individual recycled materials as replacements for standard rock flour in asphalt mixes.
free text keywords: reciklirani materijali; kameno punilo; asfaltna mješavina, recycled materials; stone filler; asphalt mix
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38 references, page 1 of 3
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