Qur’an Dress Code as the Basis of Egalitarianism in Islam

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Harcet, Marjana;
  • Publisher: Ethnographic museum
  • Journal: Etnološka istraživanja, issue 12/13 (issn: 0351-4323, eissn: 1847-6198)
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  • Subject: odijevanje; pokrivanje lica; pokrivanje kose; hidžab; nikab; čador; burka; muslimanke | dressing; covering of face; covering of hair; hijab; niqab, chador, burqa; Muslim women

The article claims that the specific dress codes, common for certain Islamic countries, are the consequence of the pre-Islamic traditions and patriarchic interpretations of the Qur’an and hence are not in accordance with one of the basic goals of every religion – cor... View more
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