Identifikacija bakterija mliječne i propionske kiseline pomoću FTIR spektroskopije i umjetnih neuronskih mreža

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Dziuba, Bartłomiej ; Nalepa, Beata (2012)
  • Publisher: Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb
  • Journal: Food Technology and Biotechnology, volume 50, issue 4 (issn: 1330-9862, eissn: 1334-2606)
  • Subject: lactic acid bacteria; propionic acid bacteria; FTIR spectroscopy; artificial neural networks | bakterije mliječne kiseline; bakterije propionske kiseline; FTIR spektroskopija; umjetne neuronske mreže

In the present study, lactic acid bacteria and propionic acid bacteria have been identified at the genus level with the use of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Bacterial strains of the genera Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Leuconostoc, Streptococcus and Propionibacterium were analyzed since they deliver health benefits and are routinely used in the food processing industry. The correctness of bacterial identification by ANNs and FTIR was evaluated at two stages. At first stage, ANNs were tested based on the spectra of 66 reference bacterial strains. At second stage, the evaluation involved 286 spectra of bacterial strains isolated from food products, deposited in our laboratory collection, and identified by genus-specific PCR. ANNs were developed based on the spectra and their first derivatives. The most satisfactory results were reported for the probabilistic neural network, which was built using a combination of W5W4W3 spectral ranges. This network correctly identified the genus of 95 % of the lactic acid bacteria and propionic acid bacteria strains analyzed.
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