Did the contagion effect exist? Evidence from Abu Dhabi, Jordan and America

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Ho, Liang-Chun ; Huang, Chia-Hsing (2014)
  • Publisher: Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Faculty of economics and tourism Dr. Mijo Mirković
  • Journal: Economic research - Ekonomska istraživanja, volume 27, issue 1 (issn: 1331-677X, eissn: 1848-9664)
  • Subject: contagion effect; the stock market; Abu Dhabi; Jordan; America

This article aims to test the contagion effect between the stock markets of Abu Dhabi, Jordan and America. The Lagrange multiplier (LM) principle for causality in variance test is used in this study. Four American stock indexes, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ Composite, RUSSELL 2000, and PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index, are in this study. The testing results of the four major American stock price indexes and the Jordan stock index (Amman) are significant. The testing results of the four American stock price indexes and the Abu Dhabi stock index (ADX) are also significant. This study finds that the variances of returns of four major American stock price indexes have the contagion effects on the variances of stock index returns of Jordan and Abu Dhabi.
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