Strategic Importance of Information-Communication Technology in Recent International Environment

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Svete, Uroš;
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  • Journal: Polemos : časopis za interdisciplinarna istraživanja rata i mira,volume IX,issue 18 (issn: 1331-5595)
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  • Subject: information-communication technology; social power; information power; information military-social revolution; Grand strategy; realism; constructivism; cyber strategic space; cooperative security; liberalism, international relations; strategic culture; vi | informacijsko-komunikacijska tehnologija; društvena moć; informacijska moć; informacijska vojno-društvena revolucija; velika strategija; realizam; konstruktivizam; kibernetski strateški prostor; kooperativna sigurnost; liberalizam; međunarodni odnosi; str

Data, information, knowledge and understanding as three elements of cognitive scheme have always been determining social power as they have been significantly influencing political and military sphere as well. This wisdom was very explicit present already in ancient wor... View more
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