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Smojver-Ažić, Sanja; Topalović, Zorica;
  • Publisher: Croatian Pedagogical-Literary Society and Faculty of philosophy studies Split
  • Journal: Napredak : Časopis za interdisciplinarna istraživanja u odgoju i obrazovanju, volume 151, issue 2 (issn: 1330-0059)
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  • Subject: attachment; pets; social competence; loneliness and emotional empathy | privrženost; kućni ljubimci; socijalna kompetencija; usamljenost i emocionalna empatija

Growing up with pets and building a positive relationship with them can be beneficial for a child’s socio-emotional development. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between child attachment to the mother, attachment to a pet, empathy, social compet... View more
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