Ultrastructural study of chromoplast components rich in glycolipids

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Wrischer, Mercedes ; Prebeg, Tatjana ; Magnus, Volker ; Ljubešić, Nikola (2001)
  • Publisher: Division of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
  • Journal: Acta Botanica Croatica, volume 60, issue 2 (issn: 0365-0588, eissn: 1847-8476)
  • Subject: Impatiens noli-tangere,; Thunbergia alata; chromoplast tubule; ultrastructure; glycolipid staining

A cytochemical method for the ultrastructural localization of glycolipids, performed on thin sections, was used in the study of tubular chromoplasts. The method gave clear pictures of structures that contained glycolipids, while other chemical constituents were not stained. The method was tested on two flowers (Impatients noli-tangere L. and Thunbergia alata Boj. ex Sims) containing different types of tubular chromoplasts. The ultrastructure and mode of development of the two types of tubules are discussed and compared with the results obtained by standard staining methods.
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