Evaluation of chemical composition of defect wine distillates

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Mihaljević Žulj, Marin; Posavec, Barbara; Škvorc, Melanija; Tupajić, Pavica;
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  • Journal: Glasnik Zaštite Bilja,volume 39,issue 3 (issn: 0350-9664)
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  • Subject: destilacija;vinski destilat;oksidacija vina;acetaldehid | distillation;wine distillate;wine oxidation;acetaldehyde

The aim of this study was to evaluate the chemical composition of the distillate obtained from wine with off-flavour. The chemical composition of wine distillates obtained by distillation of Chardonnay wine with oxidation off-flavour was investigated. Distillation of wi... View more
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