Other literature type English OPEN
Markić, Brano ; Bijakšić, Sanja ; Šantić, Marko (2016)
  • Publisher: Croatian Communication Association
  • Journal: Media, culture and public relations, volume 7, issue 1 (issn: 1333-6371)
  • Subject: umjetna inteligencija; ekspertni sustavi; strategija marketinga; baza znanja; Visual Prolog | artificial intelligence; expert systems; marketing strategy; knowledge base; Visual Prolog

Artificial intelligence is a computer-based analytical process that tends to create computational systems which we would incline to be called intelligent. Expert systems are the most important part of the artificial intelligence from economic perspective. Expert systems attempt to mimic the human thought process including reasoning and optimization. “Knowledge” is represented by a set of “if-then” rules in a form of knowledge base. The results of artificial intelligence system implementation in refining marketing customer strategy based on five customer behaviour factors: revenues, profit margin, market share, liquidity, long term value, and retention probability are presented in the paper. Customer marketing strategy depends on the combination of the value of these five attributes. Expert system helps a marketer to “drill down” into data and identify the most loyal customers, separates the customers into groups, and plans the adequate marketing strategy. Expert system for determining adequate marketing customer strategy is developed using Visual Prolog programming language. Visual Prolog has shown satisfactory application and developing power.
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