The Influence of Keeping Pheasants in Captivity vs. Nature on the Biological Value of Meat and its Use in Human Nutrition

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Tucak, Zvonimir; Štefica; Škrivanko, Mario; Periškić, Marin; Bošković, Ivica; Jumić, Vlado;
  • Publisher: Croatian Anthropological Society
  • Journal: Collegium antropologicum,volume 32,issue 3 (issn: 0350-6134)
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  • Subject: pheasants; breeding; animal nutrition; meat; biological value; human nutrition
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages

The life of game birds (pheasants) in nature is coupled with a number of difficulties in all seasons of the year. This refers to finding food, breeding, laying eggs, raising the young, fleeing from their natural enemies and lack of protection from unfavorable clim... View more
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    4. Related to chemical composition of breast muscles is established statisticallyb significant differences (P< 0.001 i.s. P= 0.040)) in part of Ca (%) and P (%). In wild pheasant tights with drumsticks muscles established statistically very significant (P<0.001) higher part of moisture, protein and Ca, i.e. statistically very high significant (P<0.001) lower part of fat and energetic value. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular biology, 57 (1977) 287. - 5. TREER T, TUCAK Z, Agrarna zoologija In Croat ([kolska knjiga, Zagreb, 1991). - 6. TUCAK Z, FLORIJAN^I] T, GRUBE[I] M, TOPI] J, BRNA J, DRAGI^EVI] P, TU[EK T, VUKU[I] K, Lovstvo (Faculty of Agriculture, Osijek, 2002). - 7. TUCAK Z, KLAI] T, Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft, 43 (1997) 65.

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