Implementation of the quality control programme in mammography practice at University hospital Osijek: first results

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Faj, Dario; Ivković, Ana; Štimac, Damir; Posedel, Dario; Kotromanović, Zdenka; Ivezić, Zdravko; Belaj, Nenad; Tomaš, Ilijan; Kubelka, Dragan;
  • Publisher: Scientific Unit for Clinical and Medical Research, Osijek University Hospital
  • Journal: Medicinski vjesnik,volume 41,issue (1-2) (issn: 0350-6487)
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  • Subject: Mamografija; Kakvoća slike; Osiguranje vrsnoće, zdravstvena skrb | Mammography; Image enhancement; Quality assurance, health care

Mammography is the most important diagnostic method for an early detection of the breast tumor. The radiologist's objective is to obtain the most accurate diagnostic information from mammography while keeping radiation dose acceptable to a patient. Image quality and pat... View more
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