Specifics of marketing strategy in the segment of high fashion

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Butigan, Ružica ; Grilec Kaurić, Alica ; Ujević, Darko (2013)
  • Publisher: Accent d.o.o.
  • Journal: International journal of multidisciplinarity in business and scienc, volume 1, issue 1 (issn: 1849-0581)
  • Subject: high fashion; marketing strategies; marketing mix

The success of high fashion designers is not only in a specificity of the products but also in specific and very well executed marketing strategy. Emphasis is placed on the design of very specific marketing program and marketing strategies that must concider all the characteristics of the high fashion market. Therefore, a scientific research problem is defined as follows: although the market of high fashion at first glance does not imply a completely different marketing approach than other fashion market, its needs are quite specific and require specific marketing program and strategies. The subject of research was to explore all the specifics of high fashion marketing program, and to define marketing strategies due to experts opinions. The paper used secondary and primary data sources (conversations / interviews with experts in the field of clothing industry). The scientific methods that were used are: the method of analysis and synthesis, inductive and deductive methods, methods of proof and disproof, description method and the method of compilation. This paper presents SWOT analysis of the high fashion industry and fulfills the research objectives - defines specific marketing programs on the market of high fashion and proposes marketing strategies that are prerequisite to the successful functioning of the high fashion market.
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