Simulating and Optimizing Hydrogen Production by Low-pressure Autothermal Reforming of Natural Gas using Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II

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Azarhoosh, M. J.; Ale Ebrahim, H.; Pourtarah, S. H.;
  • Publisher: Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers
  • Journal: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly, volume 29, issue 4 (issn: 0352-9568, eissn: 1846-5153)
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  • Subject: simulation; multi-objective optimization; natural gas; hydrogen production; autothermal reforming; genetic algorithms

Conventional hydrogen production plants consist of natural gas steam reforming to CO+3H2 on Ni catalysts in a furnace, water-gas shift reaction for converting CO into CO2 and CO2 absorption. A new alternative method for highly endothermic steam reforming is autothermal ... View more
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